Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Lookbook

Here's a little lookbook featuring a new batch of handmade clothing exclusive to Some Velvet.

I really wanted to come up with some fun looking clothes that you could like be walking down the street and if you felt the need to drop the nae nae or something, you could do it because the fabrics are strettttchhhhhh!

Or maybe you could wear one of these dresses to Homecoming and actually win Queen, and you would look crayyyyyy when you go up to get that crown!  Each dress and crop top (except that mysterious black skeleton surfboard shirt) comes trimmed with a very rare fabric called marabou, or some may say "boa". 

Coming to Some Velvet within the next day or two!

All clothes/styling/photos by Jacci 

Model: Erin McCurdie

Makeup/Hair: Erin McCurdie
Special thanks to location scouts, The Hagens

*All tops and dresses available at Some Velvet
*Orange jeans are vintage and available at Some Velvet
*Thrasher sweatpants are Jacci's personal house pants
*White twerkenstocks are Erin's personal sandals

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Vintage Arrivals!

All new vintage stuff up at SOME VELVET.
It's all very very rare. Omg. It's my favorite store.