Saturday, February 5, 2011

Who Are We?

Some Velvet is a new online vintage venture. After running Gutter Fairy Vintage for several years, we decided to break away from the confines of eBay, and do something different. Some Velvet is basically cut from the same cloth (no pun intended) as Gutter Fairy, but now without the dreadful ebay auctions, and with a much more attractive and direct website (don't worry, you can still expect the same kooky, sometimes over the top and straight up wacky outfits.) The full store should be open within this month and will cater to girls of all ages and walks of life who share a common interest in vintage items (clothing, shoes, housewares). In the future, I hope to also include menswear, and new designer lines, tee shirts, etc. Please follow the blog for lots of upstates and fashionable posts!

Some of our past moments....

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